Verhelst Recovery House
Recovery: A Choice That Transforms
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In present-day society, there are very few of us who can say that we have not witnessed, first-hand, family members or acquaintances, who have suffered the destructive, often deadly dilemma of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. This plight causes great harm to countless areas of a person’s life…breakdown of the family unit, loss of physical and emotional health, employment and futures, and sadly, even loss of life itself. This is truly human potential drowned out. But the destruction of alcoholism/drug addiction doesn’t stop there…its devastating effects often insidiously reach out and mar generations to come.

The Verhelst Recovery House (VRH) is a non-profit, private treatment center whose mission is to provide a residential treatment program for adult males who are suffering an unfortunate alcohol/drug addiction, and are genuinely seeking help.

Once the alcoholic or addict reaches out for help, it is imperative that help be there. We are asking for your support in helping us keep our doors open—providing a safe haven for our residents. This past year, many of these men have returned to their homes and families, and have once again become productive members of society. Your kind support will help ensure that this vital service continues.

Your tax-deductible donation will “help keep our doors open” and enable us to continue to provide these necessary services. As the VRH is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization, your contributions are tax-deductible.

Our most sincere and heartfelt thanks –from the past, present and future clients of the VRH and the Members of the Board of Directors. On behalf of us all, we wish you and yours the very best.